Is it normal to break out during your period?

your mom Asked: Is it normal to break out during your period?


Ok, so i heard people usually break out before their period. my acne has gotten worse before my period started and also during my period. is this normal or is something else causing my acne to get worse?


melovebirds Answered:
yes, it's just your hormones

SuperWoman Answered:
Its very normal. It happens to me when the time comes.

Tay Answered:
yeah, totally normal. drink lots of water to cleanse to try and prevent breakouts, though.

Maritza U Answered:
Its normal, i get that problem too. its when your on it or after when your hormones arent so crazy and go normal and your acne is less. But it depends on your skin type, though its sounds like that's just how your body tells you mother nature's-a-coming.

Abbey Answered:
Before your period starts, the hormone androgen triggers an increase in the production of body oil. This excess oil can clog pores, causing your face to break out. Hormone therapies, such as taking an oral contraceptive regularly, can help control this reaction.

Kaycee Answered:

Rileigh Deitemeyer Answered:
Yes icon smile Is it normal to break out during your period?

Kitty Answered:
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but you could be weally hot if you changed yr haircut. lol

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